MV FINDER: ‘Wonder Woman 1984’ Will Rock Our Worlds

The "Wonder Woman 1984" trailer got many people anticipating the sequel to the incredibly popular 2017 film, and the Golden Globes announced their nominees.

MV FINDER: Awards Bodies Begin to Weigh-In

As more awards bodies begin to announce their big winners, the picture for the Oscars is beginning to get a little less hazy.

‘Black Widow’ Trailer Gives Us First Look at Marvel’s Fourth Phase

The first Black Widow trailer has debuted, and it looks like the perfect mix of what we know and love about Marvel and a more espionage-focused film.

‘Avatar 2’ Wraps Production With Behind-the-Scenes Photo

Production on Avatar 2 has wrapped, bringing us one step closer to seeing a sequel to the 2009 blockbuster phenomenon from James Cameron.

J.J. Abrams Discusses His Favorite Scene from the ‘Star Wars’ Prequels

J.J. Abrams was brought on to take Star Wars away from the prequels, but that doesn't mean he doesn't have a favorite scene from the trilogy.

Michael B. Jordan Met With Warner Bros. About Superman

Michael B. Jordan, the actor behind Erik Killmonger, sat down with Warner Bros. about revitalizing Superman as a character.

A Real ‘Rise of Skywalker’ Script Almost Ended Up on eBay

A real Star Wars: Rise of Skywalker script was almost sold to the highest bidder on eBay months before the movie was set to premiere.

MLB Commissioner Wants to Eliminate 42 MiLB Teams

Major League Baseball Commissioner, Rob Manfred wants to eliminate 42 out of the 160 Minor League Baseball (MiLB) teams. We are all well aware of...

Noah Hawley to Write, Direct New ‘Star Trek’ Movie

Noah Hawley is the latest director tasked with taking on the Star Trek property, which was rebooted by JJ Abrams 10 years ago.

2020 Baseball Hall of Fame Ballot Announced

The 2020 Baseball Hall of Fame ballot has been announced. It includes 32 players overall, with 18 newcomers. The most notable of those newcomers is...

‘Justice League’ Stars Join Call to #ReleasetheSnyderCut

It's been two years since "Justice League" was released in theaters. The movie underperformed, and for many, it felt like the final nail in...

Colin Kaepernick Holding Workout for NFL Teams Today

Former San Francisco 49ers quarterback, Colin Kaepernick will be holding a workout for over 24 NFL teams today. The workout is being held at the Falcons' training...

Keanu Reeves Gives Sage Advice in First Trailer for ‘ The SpongeBob Movie: Sponge on the Run’

Keanu Reeves plays a talking tumbleweed in the first trailer for "Spongebob Squarepants: Sponge on the Run" because why not?

‘Friends’ Reunion in the Works at HBO Max

HBO Max is planning a big launch full of new content, including an unscripted reunion of one of the biggest shows ever made.

Former Houston Astros Pitcher Claims the Team Stole Signs in 2017

Former Houston Astros pitcher who now plays for the Oakland A's, Mike Fiers claims that the 'Stros stole signs back in 2017, a year...

Best Sports Animal Interference Moments

Last Monday during the New England Patriots/ New York Giants game, a black cat ran on the field and Twitter was ablaze. There have...

San Diego Padres: Brown is Back!

The San Diego Padres have declared that #BrownIsBack. The Padres are going back to their roots by changing their team colors back to brown and...

Carrie Fisher’s Brother Reveals What Leia’s Role in ‘Rise of Skywalker’ Was Supposed to be

In the aftermath of her death, Carrie Fisher's brother has shed some light on how plans were changed for her role in Rise of Skylwaker.

Martin Scorsese Clarifies his Marvel Comments with ‘New York Times’ Article

The acclaimed director behind classic movies like Goodfellas has tried to clarify his comments about Marvel movies with a New York Times article.

Best Professional Athlete Halloween Costumes of 2019

Here are the best Pro Athlete's Halloween Costumes of 2019. Professional athletes are known for having amazing costumes on Halloween, especially with their families....

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