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Former Houston Astros Pitcher Claims the Team Stole Signs in 2017

Former Houston Astros pitcher who now plays for the Oakland A’s, Mike Fiers claims that the ‘Stros stole signs back in 2017, a year in which the team won the World Series Championship.

In addition to a center-field camera, he claims Astros hitters used a video feed piped into a monitor near the dugout to decode signs and relay them to hitters during games.

“That’s not playing the game the right way,” Fiers told The Athletic. “They were advanced and willing to go above and beyond to win.”

Fiers says his current relationship with the Astros is strained and that he has told multiple teammates and other teams about what happened a couple years ago.

“I had to let my team know so that we were prepared when we went to go play them at Minute Maid,” he said.

The league has looked into the Astros multiple times over the last couple years, with the first known incident in August of 2018, when the A’s alleged that Astros players were clapping in the dugout before pitches to relay stolen signs. Fiers’ alligation marks the first player speaking out on the issue and confirming it.

My Opinion

In my opinion, this tarnishes the Houston Astros organization’s reputation and their 2017 World Series win. No matter how good you were as a team, you still cheated. It also makes me even happier that the Washington Nationals won the World Series this year over the Astros. Also, I’m an A’s fan so of course I’m happy they were finally caught, because this was something I have always suspected for the last few years.

I also don’t understand how A.J. Hinch has let this continue. He has to know about it. He is setting a horrible example for his players as a mentor by letting this go on.

Also, it was just a matter of time until a player came out and tattled on them. Did they think this would never happen and no one on their roster would ever make a peep?

Sign stealing has become much easier thanks to technology. In 2017, MLB fined the Red Sox for using Apple Watches to steal signs against the Yankees.

It’s time for players and coaches to take a stand and keep the game fair and just. There is no place for cheating in the beautiful game that is baseball.

Rebecca Wasik
Born and raised in the Bay Area. My life has revolved around sports- specifically the A's, Warriors, Sharks, and 49ers since I was a little girl. This May, I received my BA in Sports Journalism and Media Studies at San Diego State University... Go Aztecs!


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