Colin Kaepernick Holding Workout for NFL Teams Today

Colin Kaepernick
Photo Credit: Marcio Jose Sanchez- Associated Press

Former San Francisco 49ers quarterback, Colin Kaepernick will be holding a workout for over 24 NFL teams today.

The workout is being¬†held at the Falcons‘¬†training complex just outside of Atlanta, Georgia.

The NFL will reportedly be providing three wide receivers for the workout. Kaepernick is also bringing former NFL wide receivers who volunteered.

The Falcons are supplying an equipment person, a trainer and a videographer. The workout will not begin until all Falcons players and staff have concluded their practice.

BREAKING: **** It has just been announced that media would be denied at the Falcons’ training complex, so the workout is being moved to another Atlanta location and will begin at 4pm Eastern time.****

The NFL claims that it will send video of the workout and an interview with Kaepernick to all 32 NFL teams.

Kaepernick, now 32 years old, has been out of professional football since 2016 when he began protesting police brutality and racial injustice by kneeling during the national anthem.

He has been ridiculed by some and praised by others in the public light. In his time away from the NFL, he has continued his charity work against racial police brutality and has a partnership with Nike.

In a tweet, Kap said that he has “been in shape and ready for this for 3 years.”

Arizona, Atlanta, Cleveland, Denver, Detroit, Miami, New England, New York Giants, New York Jets, Tampa Bay, and Washington have committed to attend the workout, but more are expected.

“We are looking forward to Saturday’s workout with Colin,” the NFL said in a statement.

Many are worried though that this could all be a publicity stunt by the NFL and an act to get Kaepernick’s hopes up.

My Opinion

I personally am someone who has been on Kap’s side since the first time he kneeled over 3 years ago. The courage that took is unimaginable. What he has been through in order to stand behind those who are victims of racial injustice is unprecidented.

This has never been about not being a proud American. African Americans are being killed by police officers for no reason, THAT is why Colin Kaepernick is kneeling.

Kaepernick is a great quarterback. As a 49ers fan myself, I watched him on the field doing his thing years before he kneeled. He deserves to be on a NFL team, there is no doubt about that. The NFL has handled this situation as a farce and it is embarassing for them, honestly.

I truly hope a team sees something in Kap today and decides to sign him. I also pray the NFL has good intentions and this isn’t just another act in their circus.



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