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MLB Commissioner Wants to Eliminate 42 MiLB Teams

Major League Baseball Commissioner, Rob Manfred wants to eliminate 42 out of the 160 Minor League Baseball (MiLB) teams.

We are all well aware of the fact that minor leaguers are severely underpaid. Manfred says this plan could be the solution. The money saved from cutting teams could be reallocated to players according to his logic.

Many MLB players are voicing how unfair this is though, because if this were to happen, thousands of potential pro players could be out of a job completely. Not to mention the employees of the MiLB teams and stadiums.

World Series Champion, Sean Doolittle expressed his dislike of this move on Twitter saying he hopes it doesn’t happen. Presidential candidate, Bernie Sanders replied to Doolittle’s tweet saying, “Sean is absolutely right. Closing down Minor League teams, like the Vermont Lake Monsters, would be a disaster for baseball fans, workers, and communities across the country. We must protect these teams from corporate greed.”

Manfred references four reasons for this plan:

  1. So-called “inadequate facilities”
  2. Untenable travel due to franchise relocation
  3. “Poor pay for minor leaguers”
  4. Drafting and signing players who “don’t have a realistic opportunity to make it to the majors”


This proposition is going to be discussed more in depth at MLB’s Winter Meetings at the beginning of December, held in San Diego.


My Opinion:

I personally think the thought of eliminating 42 minor league teams is a joke. MLB is trying to claim that they will save money to give back to players, but far too many jobs will be lost in the process. In addition, communities will lose part of the livelihood. If you sell hot dogs at one of those stadiums, you’re out of a job. If you do laundry for one of those teams, you’re out of a job. It makes no sense.

So many young men dream of becoming a professional baseball player one day. The elimination of over 40 minor league teams would put a huge dent in so many of those dreams. The road to the big leagues is not easy, but they should at least be given a chance.


Do you think MLB should eliminate 42 MiLB teams?


Click here to view the full list of potential teams who are on the “Cut List”



Rebecca Wasik
Rebecca Wasik
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