Michael B. Jordan Met With Warner Bros. About Superman

Press: michaelbjordan.net

Whatever you think about Zack Snyder’s take on the DC universe, it’s hard to argue that it’s been as successful both critically and commercial as Marvel. As a result, Warner Bros., the studio behind the DCEU, has been looking for ways to make it more relevant. With Batman, they’ve brought Matt Reeves and Robert Pattinson on to totally revamp the character. Superman is still more of a question mark.

According to¬†Variety, the studio has met with a number of people about how to breathe new life into the character. That list of names includes J.J. Abrams, but it also includes Michael B. Jordan. Jordan has long been near the top of the list to take on Superman. He’s one of the biggest actors working today without a franchise to his name. He did great work in “Black Panther”, but he’s unlikely to resume his role as Erik Killmonger.

Although Jordan has met with Warner Bros., no immediate decisions were made. Jordan’s schedule is already filled with projects, and filming doesn’t seem likely to commence in the near future. Without a script or a director, the movie is still more of an idea than a reality. Even so, the idea of casting Michael B. Jordan as the man from Krypton would bring a whole new resonance to the traditionally white part. It would be bold, and that’s exactly why Warner Bros. should do it.

Meanwhile, Henry Cavill, the actor who is currently playing Superman, has yet to give up the part. Still, given the lack of any immediate action on the part of Warner Bros. to make a new Superman movie, it seems like Cavill may have suited up in the role for the last time.

Where the studio will ultimately land with the character is still very much an open question, but if this new Batman works, it could provide a template for more director-driven versions of superhero stories. Only time will tell.

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