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Movie Review: ‘The Quiet Ones’

BOO! This word is equivalent to the scares offered in “The Quiet Ones.” Hello Moviegoers! A typical horror film that does nothing to change the game or rise above the tropes of its the genre, inspired by true events in the field of parapsychology, “The Quiet Ones,” may only produce a scare for the most skittish of viewers.

The Quiet Ones (1 ½  sweet potatoes out of four) Stars: Jared Harris, Sam Clafin, Olivia Cooke, Erin Richards, and Rory Fleck-Byrne; Director: John Pogue; Genre: Horror; Rated: PG-13; Runtime: 98 minutes; Opens: Friday, April 25, 2014.

The Experiment is the less than creative title for Professor Coupland’s (Mad Men’s Jared Harris) study of Jane (Bates Motel’s Olivia Cooke) and her own created demon that makes her mentally unstable. The goal of The Experiment is to extract Jane’s demon by turning it into telekinetic energy and ridding it from her body.

Brian (Sam Clafin) the videographer follows the Professor’s and his two assistant to a nearby house to continue The Experiment once their funding is cut at Oxford. Once at the house, Jane names her evil spirit, Evey, and while Jane seemed mentally unwell before, now telekinetic events and an unexplained creature who comes out of Jane’s mouth during her possession are now present. Brian who suffers from a growing attraction to Jane, begins to wonder if Jane is right about Evey, and if something supernatural is truly going on.

Jane is normal in almost every way, and even funny at times when she isn’t possessed or succumbed to the Evey inside of her. Jane sans-possession is the only mildly interesting character in the film, aside from Dr. Coupland who’s own personal failures and extreme desire to save Jane propel the action of the film.

“The Quiet Ones” lacks suspense, suffers from more the one plot hole, and is the type of horror that can only be sustained by less than intelligent people. The average person would probably not stay in a house with someone who has proven that they are possessed. I give “The Quiet Ones” one and half sweet potatoes out of four.

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