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Mid-Shift Report – 05/14/2014

Hello moviegoers! It’s Wednesday, May 14th, my producer’s on vacation so we’re getting crazy.

I’m A. P. Richardson for Moviegoers’ View and this is the Mid-Shift Report. Welcome back to moviegoersview.com. Today on the Mid Shift Report our featured spotlight preview is Godzilla, opening Friday May 16th. In other news we are keeping it current, and giving your reasons why Solange, otherwise known as Beyonce’s sister, tried to kick the life out Jay-Z, the latest from Donald Sterling from his sit down with Anderson Cooper, and a quick look at what’s opening this weekend. For now let’s get things started off right with “Box Office in Review.”

Oh how Marvel has fallen, Neighbors toppled the webslinger this past weekend. The comedy starring Seth Rogen, Zac Efron, and Rose Byrne about a couple living next to a frat house surged ahead with 49 million proving that laughs work better than a web of storytelling. The Amazing Spider-Man 2 took second with 36 million, followed by The Other Woman. Rounding out the top 5 is ‘Heaven is for Real’ and last but not least Marvel staying strong with Captain America: The Winter Soldier. That’s all for weekend box office, on deck Godzilla, but for now Donald Sterling, racist question mark.

Donald Sterling the owner of the L.A. Clippers who was caught on tape make racist remarks against African-Americans is speaking out finally with none other than Anderson Cooper. He of course states, “I’m not racist, and I’ve never been a racist.” Hmm, that seems like exactly the type of thing a racist would say. Sterling implies that the girl set him up to say those things. Well if that’s true, although I don’t buy it, Chris Brown did say these girls ain’t loyal. If you need advice from Chris Brown, you’ve fallen pretty far. Sterling was banned from owner duties, and fined the maximum amount last week by NBA Commissioner Adam Silver.

Godzilla is back! And he is not attacking a village, even though as a child all I thought of Godzilla was he destroys buildings. Godzilla stars Aaron Taylor-Johnson, Elizabeth Olsen, and Bryan Cranston and hits theatres this Friday. A re-vamp with a popular monster is sure to attract viewers, but I have my doubts that the film will hold up. The monster that Godzilla must conquer are some form of evil creatures that have garnered strength by humanity’s ‘scientific advancement.’ There is always that one guy in the lab who wants to study the monster, why is that? In the wake of despair and attack from the creatures, Godzilla must rise to rebalance nature. My only question is after that how are we getting rid of Godzilla?? I’m hesitant to endorse the film, but it will most likely have special effects and plenty of action to cover up any lack of plot.

I would open this segment quoting a Solange song, but I don’t know any. TMZ, recently acquired footage that shows an altercation where Solange attempts to go 300 on Jay-Z in an elevator at the Met Ball. The video doesn’t showcase audio, but after trolling facebook, twitter, and the interweb I’ve come up with three things Jay-Z could have said or did to start the fight. 1. Jay-Z said you don’t have talent, your parents chose Michelle over you. I wonder why she never made the cut for Destiny’s Child. They did change up the roster quite a bit.  2. He spoiled a Game of Thrones episode. People take that stuff seriously just ask J Law. 3. It’s all a publicity stunt. Is the first family of Hip-Hop not above media manipulation? My leading theory: ignorance is how you get into the illumanati. I mean they do have Kayne, supposedly. Speaking of the interweb feel free to follow us on twitter @moviegoersview all one word or like us on facebook moviegoers space view.

Lastly, on the mid shift report a look at what’s opening this weekend aside from Godzilla. With a Wide Release “Million Dollar Arm” starring Jon Hamm based on a true story about the first Indian major league baseball players. And some with a limited release, “Half of a Yellow Sun,” “Next Year Jerusalem,” “A People Uncounted,” “Chinese Puzzle,” “Wolf Creek 2,” “The Immigrant,” and “The Discoverers.”

That’s all for this week on the Mid-Shift Report, be sure to catch our reviews and much more of the weekend. Producer should go on vacation all the time, I’m loving the freedom. I’m A. P. Richardson for Moviegoers View and I’ll see you after the movies at moviegoersview.com

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