Trivia submission deadline is Friday, February 14th 2014.

From the movie: The Monuments Men

How long has Donald Jeffries been on the wagon?

a)  since 6 a.m.  b)  since 7 a.m.

c)  since 8 a.m.   d)  since 9 a.m.

Answer:  d)  since 9 a.m.

Private Preston Savitz insists that because they are at war, it doesn’t mean what?

a)  they can’t be civil       b)  they have to stop caring

c)  they can’t eat well     d)  they can’t get drunk

Answer:  c)  they can’t eat well

From the movie: The Lego Movie

What is step number eleven in Emmet’s instruction manual?

a)  to stretch his legs       b)  to greet his neighbors

c)  to park his car neatly                 d)  to brush his teeth

Answer:  b)  to greet his neighbors