‘Star Wars: The Last Jedi:’ What Happened Here?

Last Jedi Rey and Chewbacca
© 2017 Lucasfilm

I just saw “The Last Jedi” and I came away from the theater thinking to myself: What just happened here?

Was “The Last Jedi” a good movie? Can I say it wasn’t a good movie out loud even if I felt that was the case? Or was it better for me to refrain until the retreat to the confines of my car was complete?

So what did happen? Well, what happened was what I saw. I saw a movie that suffered from a weak script. I saw a movie that was not cinematic, enough. I saw a movie that lacked camaraderie. I saw a movie that lacked a strong villain. Ultimately, what I saw was a space opera that failed to crescendo.

“The Last Jedi” does have its moments. It just doesn’t have enough of them.

So is “The Last Jedi” a good movie? No, it is not. Is it a bad movie? No, it is not. It is an okay movie. That and the ‘force’ will still do wonders at the box office in case you haven’t heard. But as the franchise moves on to episode 9 which is schedule for release in late 2019, it would be nice if we can get a better movie than this one.


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