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No spidey sense, Shia LaBeouf is John McEnroe and other links

MCU Spider-Man does not have Spidey sense? That’s non-sense!

Director Jon Watts made it clear why it was decided to make Spidey a little more like us. And if you can read between the lines like I can, he pretty much say it makes it easier to make a good movie. I think this is a smart decision to drop the Spidey Sense for that reason alone. I also think it has been a significant part of the problem for our other superhero who dons red and blue leggings. He just has too much stuff going on in his head. Then you add in kryptonite and all of a sudden Kal-EL can’t catch a break.

So that long and winding road Shia LaBeouf has been on has led to him playing petulant tennis great John McEnroe. At the end of the day when the local news affiliate talking head gets a hold of you and asks ‘Shia, was it worth it all … this journey?’ Hopefully, Shia doesn’t let us down with his answer (You can’t…). All kidding aside, I hope this starts an upward trajectory for LaBeouf. I wouldn’t mind seeing that – and yes, I am being serious.

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The sequel to ‘Fantastic Beasts and Where to Find Them’ has started shooting principal photography in the U.K. This time much of the plot, it seems, will be based around the recapture of Gellert Grindelwald, who was played by Johnny Depp in the first movie, after a daring escape puts him back up to his tricks. The movie has not been given a title as yet, but with any luck it will be longer than the previous film.

Spike Lee-Directed Anti-Trump Video for Stew’s ‘Klown Wit Da Nuclear Code’. Now there’s a title for ya. If the Anti-Trump crowd can’t get behind this one and push, then the gig might as well be up. And if you are a trump supporter this probably, in some way – but not fake way – warms your heart.

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