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‘Logan’ | Trailer 2

Do you really want to be a bad guy in this one? The second trailer of the R-rated X-men Wolverine movie, simply named ‘Logan’ which would be better named ‘Bloody, Old Man Logan,’ doesn’t disappoint by ramping up the bloody display with some of that real R-rated looking blood. Not that fake CGI nonsense – even though it probably is fake CGI nonsense, but better looking.

And, that kid who doesn’t have any friends More who will be damned if you think you are going to mess with her can of Pringles potato chips, let alone her would-be family. Remember, this one is R-rated and the kid looks like she is going to be wearing those shades indoors. So I’ll ask you again, bad guy: do you really want to be a bad guy in this one? Okay, then. Carry on.

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