Hello moviegoers! It’s Wednesday, May 14th, my producer’s on vacation so we’re getting crazy. I’m A. P. Richardson for Moviegoers View and this is the Mid-Shift Report.

Welcome back to moviegoersview.com. Today on the Mid Shift Report our featured spotlight preview is Godzilla, opening Friday May 16th. In other news we are keeping it current, and giving your reasons why Solange, otherwise known as Beyonce’s sister, tried to kick the life out Jay-Z, the latest from Donald Sterling from his sit down with Anderson Cooper, and a quick look at what’s opening this weekend. For now let’s get things started off right with “Box Office in Review.” read more…


Over the top vulgarity, tons of pot and weed usage, and everything you’d expect from Rogen and crew produces solid laughs.

Hello Moviegoers! “Neighbors” will have most viewers laughing at the war between young and old and the age old decision we all have to face: growing up. The film loses some of its appeal by over doing a lot of its more raunchy jokes and although ten times better than “This is the End” the hand of Apatow is sorely missed. read more…


Although it has a good message, “Moms’ Night Out,” offers few laughs and doesn’t try to appeal outside of its demographic: moms with kids.

Hello Moviegoers! A comedy ripe with opportunities that fails to actually land the majority of its jokes. “Moms’ Night Out” is the Christian revival in Hollywood stepping into comedy. Its great message for Moms everywhere is applauded, but I managed only a slight chuckle in response to this average script with very poor direction. read more…


Hello Moviegoers. I’m A. P. Richardson for moviegoersview. It’s Wednesday May 7th and this is the MID-SHIFT.

Welcome back to moviegoersview.com I’m A. P. Richardson. Today on the MID-SHIFT our featured spotlight preview is “Neighbors” opening Friday, May 9th. We’ll also catch you up on the Met Gala celebrity news. Let’s get things started with this past weekend Box Office in Review. read more…


“The Amazing Spider-man 2” may have more plot than needed, but the Webslinger satisfies and the film leaves its mark.

Hello Moviegoers! Tis’ the summer of Marvel and “The Amazing Spiderman 2” doesn’t disappoint with multiple villains, origin back story to fulfill the comic book nerd in all of us, introductions of comic counterparts, and it tugs at the heartstrings of even the most non-romantic individuals. Unfortunately, the film oversteps with its many stories and it takes away from the core of the narrative. read more…


“Brick Mansions” is an hour and a half worth of action sequences held together by a simplistic plot.

Hello Moviegoers! If you like fighting, chase scenes, shoot-outs, and evasion scenes that make parkour look like the best thing since sliced bread, “Brick Mansions” is your movie. The film downplays an important commentary on social injustice, an intriguing stance on white collar versus gangster criminal activities, lacks character development, and shys away from anything that might make this movie anything other than a collection of action scenes. read more…


Community outreach echoes a chorus of faith.

Hello moviegoers, ‘Heaven Is for Real’ tells the true story of the Burpos’ a christian family from the small town of Imperial, Nebraska, who’s four year old son Colton (Connor Corum) has an out of body experience during an operation to have his appendix removed. The movie is based on the book of the same name and the events that both the book and the movie chronicle took place during 2003. read more…


A female empowerment comedy that lacks in laughter.

Hello moviegoers! “The Other Woman” finds three unusual female friends with one thing in common: they all are seeing the same man. While I’m all for girl power. The film suffers from it’s weak plot so much so it’s repeated a second and then a third time. read more…


BOO! This word is equivalent to the scares offered in “The Quiet Ones.”

Hello Moviegoers! A typical horror film that does nothing to change the game or rise above the tropes of its the genre, inspired by true events in the field of parapsychology, “The Quiet Ones,” may only produce a scare for the most skittish of viewers. read more…


I think therefore I am. To be or not to be … okay. How far are we going to go with this? That is the question!

Hello moviegoers, Johnny Depp stars in ‘Transcendence’ as Dr. Will Caster an (AI) Artificial Intelligence researcher who keynotes a presentation lead by his wife Evelyn played by (Rebecca Hall) that ends with the ‘God’ question coming from an attendee in the audience. Will’s response to the question is in effect “isn’t that what man has always strived towards?” read more…

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